The Arbitrary Text of Wreckage

a r t i s t ’ s  b o o k

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p r o j e c t  b a c k g r o u n d

This artist’s book (sample pages shown above) is part of Art House Co-op’s “Sketchbook Project 2014“, housed permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library (call # 225.58-8), as well as in its companion Digital Library. The Sketchbook Project is an evolving, growing collection of creative works, in the form of sketchbooks contributed annually by individuals world-wide. The Arbitrary Text Of Wreckage toured Canada and the U.S. from March 14 to October 5, 2014.

a r t i s t ’ s  s t a t e m e n t

The bookwork is based on the poem of the same title, which I wrote about ten years ago and published later. The Arbitrary Text Of Wreckage is yet another example of my preoccupation with fragmented narrative and our determination to complete our collective and individual stories. As with my other visual works, or textworks, this artist’s book provides another way of re-imagining and engaging with the ideas in the poem.

b o o k  d e t a i l s

Single copy: 5″w x 7″h, 32 pages, archival digital ink on ivory antique laid paper; Canson Mi-Teintes end papers; card cover re-papered with Japanese Shin Inbe hemp, Nepalese waxed, and Tibetan banded papers; re-bound with waxed linen thread.

v i e w

The Arbitrary Text Of Wreckage is permanently housed at the Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, New York, where it can be viewed in its entirety. Request call number: 225.58-8. Or view it online, using Art House Co-op & Brooklyn Art Library’s Digital Library.

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