THIS BEING – poems

Winner of the 2017 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award

From the publisher . . .
“In this, her debut collection, Ingrid Ruthig records the ebb and flow of individual life through time, landscape, and our collective existence. How we connect with the past, where we are now, and despite our inherent separateness, our personal convergences – these are what lay ahead on this journey. Ruthig also explores our need to create, to build a deeper sense of self, of belonging: questioning, observing, then striving to respond. Her voice is confident, concentrated, wry. This is a book of poems about the dynamic of being, and our shifting perception of who we are from one moment to the next.”

From the jurors of the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award (presented by the League of Canadian Poets for best first book of poetry) . . .
“Formally elegant, Ruthig’s poetry is smooth and reflects an impeccable ear. Ruthig picks up an idea and unspools it to its end with precision and calmness. This is a book that took its time to be made and for its performance, being consistently excellent from front to back. Her poems read as sonic and ‘sombre supplicant to the whims / of living, age, genetics, and weather’ fashioned into a ‘stronghold of I.’”

Advance praise for THIS BEING . . .
“To use words from ‘Doorway’, one of the most enigmatic of Ruthig’s poems, her subjects frequently involve the ‘were’ inside the ‘are, or the thin/now of between’. Her architectural training and practice may coincide with the clarity, concision and visual richness of her poems, but the poems are also invested with metaphysical and emotional ambiguities. She has a baroque sense of fluidity, transience and riddling premonition. She is fascinated by the askew, the slant, the unknown country which is a continuously receding destination. Ruthig’s is a poetry of very high ability and intelligence.”  Peter Sanger, author of Aiken Drum, poetry editor of The Antigonish Review

“Ingrid Ruthig’s poems make possible, as the American poet James Dickey would have it, ‘the deepest kind of personal possession of the world.’ On offer are long views, in which ‘not glancing behind us. We just go on,’ as well as intimate observations of ordinary life; noting that skin is an organ ‘shifting across sleep’s dunes,’ or that a childhood caper with siblings is forever bound to ‘shared corners of [ ] sight.’ Accomplished in both energetic and elegiac tonalities, Ruthig’s melodious lines and enjambments offer visually rich detail and faith in living, despite the ‘headstrong, outbound current.’ While they recuperate and celebrate nature and attachments, these poems manage a philosophical eye that is a rare delight in a début collection.”  — Nyla Matuk, author of Stranger

Reviews . . .
“Present with This Being are Ontario and the north, freezing winds and fertile soils, deep roots of tradition and looming winds of change. If there is architecture here, it manifests as the edifice of a Canadian soul, built of words that are both monumental and humble. [… T]he poems embody the emotional structure of what it means to belong north of the 49th parallel.”  — Jill Stoner (Canadian Architect)

“This book bursts with images that surprise and glow . . . The poet’s eye sharply observes our present ways within a lineage of the past while commenting, critiquing, and musing on where the future could take us.” — Melshean Boardman (Northumberland Today)

Fitzhenry & Whiteside icon red Fitzhenry & Whiteside. March, 2016. Trade paperback. 88 pp. ISBN-13: 9781554554027. Purchase from the publisher, independent booksellers (search 49th Shelf or,, and other online retailers.

Extras . . . Press release. || Arrange a reading with Ingrid. || Read an interview with Ingrid on the Fitzhenry & Whiteside website (June 2017). || Listen to Ingrid discuss and read poems from the book on “Word on the Hills” (aired on Northumberland 89.7FM in April, 2016). || Listen to her September, 2016 “Howl” CIUT 89.5FM interview.


(selected and introduced by Ingrid)

A CNQ Canadian Notes & Queries “Book of the Year” for 2014

From the publisher . . .
“Anne Wilkinson’s poetic career emerged during a time of few Canadian poets—and even fewer who were women. The Essential Anne Wilkinson showcases the work of her abbreviated but meaningful career, with poems that range from intellectual and symbolic lyrics, to direct, incisive satire… [and] gives voice to a highly regarded but oft-forgotten poet, who introduced a unique female perspective to the Canadian modernist movement.” Porcupine’s Quill

Reviews . . .
“The variety of poems in this collection paints a just and enticing portrait of Wilkinson’s diverse oeuvre, while highlighting the imagery that defines her work as hers. It is an essential Essential for Canadian poetry.” — Owen Percy (Canadian Literature)

“Ruthig has succeeded in ways that few of Wilkinson’s previous editors have: she has selected the best of Wilkinson while representing the full scope and sweep of her poetic achievements.” — Melissa Dalgleish (The Bull Calf Review)

“The strength of the collection is in…the interplay between its intimate voice and its careful technique, and it rewards a reading that is attentive to both these elements as well. It is a strong addition to the Essential Poets Series…” Jeremy Luke Hill (From Word to Word)

“Beautifully contextualized and lovingly presented, this collection of twenty-five poems is a most pleasing way to experience the work of Anne Wilkinson.” Shawna Lemay (CanadianPoetries)

“An arresting look at one poet’s consistent vision. … With smartly arranged variety, this is a worthy introduction to Wilkinson’s work, and a useful addition to collections on women’s studies as well as modernism.” – Karen Rigby, Foreword Reviews

pq logo Porcupine’s Quill. November, 2014. Volume 11, Essential Poets Series. Trade paperback. 64 pp. ISBN-13: 9780889843769. Order a copy directly from the publisher, or online, below.

Extras . . .  Preview the book. || Learn more about Wilkinson’s work in essays by A.J.M. Smith and Robert Lecker. || Read Ingrid’s “At the Desk” feature on Open Book Toronto, and her presentation of Wilkinson on Brick Books’ Celebration of Canadian Poetry. || Listen to Anne Wilkinson read, on the album “Six Toronto Poets”. || Listen to Ingrid and other Essential Poets editors, Amanda Jernigan and Shane Neilson, discuss the books on the program, “ArtWaves”, with Bernadette Rule. || Teachers, visit the PQL website for Ingrid’s “Unpacking Poetry: Exploring the Essential Poets Series” instructor resources!


SLIPSTREAM – a textwork

An Open Book Ontario “Recommended Read” for 2013

Slipstream is a poem sequence and artist’s bookwork, which was commissioned by the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington. Rough notes Ingrid once intended for a larger narrative were instead, over several years, distilled into a sequence of twenty short, linked poems.

First presented as a textwork of twenty panels fusing Ingrid’s text and images, Slipstream was re-imagined for book form. It was produced in two limited, handmade editions, and launched in conjunction with an exhibition of the original artwork at the VAC.

Arkitexwerks logo ARKITEXWERKS. September, 2011. Softcover. 52 pgs. Limited to 100 handmade copies, in two editions 25 deluxe (white, numbered) & 75 standard (red). Click covers for more information and a peek inside the book.


SYNESTHETE II – chapbook of poems

“Synesthete: A person who experiences synesthesia.
synesthesia (n.) 1. A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color. 2. A sensation felt in one part of the body as a result of stimulus applied to another, as in referred pain. 3. The description of one kind of sense impression by using words that normally describe another.”

This is a volume from the series of small chapbooks produced by LittlefishcartPress, featuring the work of Canadian poets, including Leigh Kotsilidis, Gabe Foreman, Jeramy Dodds, Josh Trotter, Steven Laird, Cameron Esler, Zachariah Wells, Alex Boyd, and others.

Littlefishcart Press. The Chipbook series. Softcover. October, 2005.


Cover 72 - officialRICHARD OUTRAM – ESSAYS ON HIS WORKS (edited by Ingrid)

An Open Book Ontario “Recommended Read” for 2013

From the publisher . . .
“Poet Richard Outram, who died in January, 2005, has been quietly lauded as a major figure in twentieth-century English-Canadian literature. Yet in his lifetime, despite international attention, he received only minor recognition from Canada’s literary establishment. …This volume presents the first posthumous panorama of Outram’s work and achievement. It includes an interview, a lecture, an elegy, and new essays by poets and writers who admire Outram’s commitment to “concision and precision” in language Brian Bartlett, Michael Carbert, Robert Denham, Jeffery Donaldson, Steven Heighton, Amanda Jernigan, Eric Ormsby, Ingrid Ruthig, Peter Sanger, and Zachariah Wells.” Guernica Editions

Reviews . . .
“This little book is an important signpost in the development of work around an important poet…” Northern Poetry Review

“…Even if you are a scholar of Outram’s work you will be further enlightened by the light these essays shed.” New Pages

guernica_crest Guernica Editions. November, 2011. Essential Writers series, Volume #28. Trade paperback. 220 pp. ISBN13: 9781550712803 ISBN10: 1550712802

Extras . . . Read about Outram’s Port Hope, Ontario home, in Ingrid’s Literary Landmark article for Open Book Ontario (archived).

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