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Whether I have worn the hat of architect, writer, editor, or visual artist, the work has always centered on communication through language and image, connection through story, and exploration of ideas. What fascinates me, as both writer and artist, is how collectively we continue to try to build or restore a narrative about the world and ourselves in it, despite our not knowing the beginning or the end of the story. We don’t even know what the whole was, is, or might be, though we generate so many of the pieces themselves. Most telling, I think, is what we make of those fragments of the tale, how we rearrange truth to satisfy curiosity or ward off uncertainty. In my work, I explore the ways we imagine ourselves in the incomplete story with an unknowable end. (Artist statements for some individual works can be found in my Notebook.)

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2014  Slice of Life juried show (2nd prize. Jury: Dale Barrett, Patrick Macauley, Deborah Nolan) | Station Gallery, Whitby, ON
2013, 2014  Oshawa Space Invaders urban art festival | Oshawa, ON
2013  Small Works | The Vault, Oshawa, ON
2013  Mind & Matter juried show (1st prize. Jury: Anik Glaude, Gil McElroy, Alice Teichert) | Station Gallery, Whitby
2012  Shift juried show | Station Gallery, Whitby, ON
2012  Reading the Image invitational show, with Komarnicki, MacDonald, Hamel, Di Leonardo, Honey | Read “This is Not a Pipe” by curator Olex Wlasenko | Station Gallery, Whitby, ON
2012  Slipstream* through PineRidge Arts Council | Town Hall, Ajax, ON
2012  Book to Art | Blue Heron Studio, Uxbridge, ON (1st prize)
2012  Off the Pages | Station Gallery, Whitby, ON
2011  Two-person show with Mary Anne Barkhouse, curated by Maralynn Cherry | Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville, ON
2011  Slipstream* curated by Clare Bolton | Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, ON
2010  Looking Forward, Looking Back juried exhibition | Station Gallery, Whitby, ON
2010  Fragments of the Missing* | Art on the Second, Central Whitby Public Library, Whitby, ON
2010 – 2015  Drawing for Art annual exhibition | Station Gallery, Whitby, ON
2010  Slipstream* curated by Jean-Michel Komarnicki | Artspace on the Mezzanine (VAC), Bowmanville, ON
2010  Fragments of the Missing* | OPG Information Centre (PineRidge Arts Council), Pickering, ON
2009  Curated retrospective, with Jane Eccles, Olex Wlasenko, Sally Thurlow, Jean-Michel Komarnicki, Helen Bajorek MacDonald, David Gillespie | Artspace on the Mezzanine (VAC), Bowmanville, ON
2008  Fragments of the Missing* curated by Jean-Michel Komarnicki | Artspace on the Mezzanine (a satellite space of the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, VAC), Clarington Public Library, Bowmanville, ON

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Works shown in the slideshow above and not marked with ● are available for purchase. Inquire about price here.

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